The All In One Reddit Marketing For IM’ers

Activity Statistics And Reports

View all the reports and statistics time to time for the activities performed with your accounts, which can help you for better analysis of your marketing strategies

Auto Publish Posts

Schedule Reddit posts directly to SubReddits/your own wall with our Auto Publish feature, no push notifications required.

Auto Follow

Search for Reddit users in your niche and automatically follow them to grow your Reddit account and find new leads.

Auto Unfollow

Automatically Unfollow the Reddit users whom you don’t want to follow.

Efficient Account Management

Managing multiple Reddit accounts creating a difficulty for you. So get rid of it with this software, manage your Reddit accounts efficiently as a team.

Full Account And Report Export

With extensive reports and in-depth analytics, Socinator gives users insights into specific posts and their overall audience engagement. You have the full detailed reports of your Reddit account.

Find And Extract

With this excellent tool you can now search for users,communities,comments and url as per your your niche.

Subscribe communities

Now subscribe the communities which you like.

Un-Subscribe communities

Now un-subscribe the communities which you don’t like.

Engage yourself

Now comment and reply on your specific posts within flick of seconds.

Auto upvote

With this now you can upvote the posts or comments you like.

Auto Downvote

With this now you can downvote the posts or comments you like.

Auto RemoveVote

Now you can easily remove your votes within seconds whom you upvoted or downvoted accidently.

Monitor Folder Feature

Monitor Folder to auto share photos from your folders.

Proxy Support

Run each Reddit account with its own HTTP proxy for increased privacy and security.

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